Small marina with


Our small marina, with berths for 40 boats, is located within the Middle Plas. This is a central place close to the drawbridge and right behind the apartments waterside and panoramic view. At the front side, of these apartments, is a big parking lot that is closed off with a barrier.

We always try to provide our guests with a parking space, however due to renovations this will not always be possible. If there is parking space available alongside the road or at islands 4/5, we kindly ask you to park there. Please also park here if you stay out on the water for a weekend.

We ask that you use the carpool parking near the A2 if you arrive with more than 1 car. You can park one (or more) car(s) there and drive 1 car over to us.

By doing so we hope to provide everyone with a parking space and the possibility to enjoy the weather and the water!

The Baambrugse Zuwe devides the North- and South part of the Vinkeveense Plassen, which are also called the Big and Middle Plassen. There is a Small Plas as well, this part of the Vinkeveense Plassen can be reached via the South Plas.

Berths with the Chalets

Our chalets, on the other side of the Baambrugse Zuwe, are provided with five berths as well. These berths are located at the North Plas, but again close to the drawbridge. The Chalets have their own parking lot which can be closed off.

Prices berths 2023

Summer season
From april 15th till October 15th
Winter season
from october 15th till April 15th
Tourist tax (2023)
8 m² tot 15 m² € 39,68 m² € 24,33 m² € 79,20
15 m² tot 25 m² € 36,25 m² € 21,22 m² € 118,80
25 m² tot --- m² € 33,38 m² € 18,51 m² € 158,80

Rent of an apartment and a berth

Would you come over to VVP Verhuur/Visserslust with your boat? Stay for a weekend or longer in one of our accommodations. At VVP Verhuur/Visserslust we have several accommodations with direct access to the water. Plus of course a berth for your boat!

Extra facilities

Parking of one car at our parking lot is costless. If you would like to park a second car we ask you to contact us to see what the options are for this. The parking of a second car would not be completely costless.

In the hallway of the Reception at VVP Verhuur/Visserslust is a toilet with washing table which can be used by guests. We also have a tapping point for water, at which water is available against a small payment.
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