House rules


When you notice, at the start of the rental period, that something is not functioning well, please mention this to the owner. We may fix it immediately or at short notice, so that your stay with us will still be pleasurable.


The use of water, gas and electricity is included in the rent. We rely on you to use the energy carefully. At departure please make sure that the central heating is on the star ‘★’ mark, or 1/2, at the apartments and that the lights are off. When you stay at the houseboat or a chalet, set the thermostat at 18-degrees and make sure that the lights are off.


Please be careful with the inventory and furniture at your accommodation. Do not use any mattresses, pillows, etc. outside. And do not bring any of the outdoor furniture to the fishing deck without approval of the owner! If anything gets broken please report this to the owner, so that we can get it fixed.


We request you to keep the neighbours and other guests in mind, so please do not make any bothering noises/loud music/screaming/etc. From 20:00-22:00 it has to be calm and quiet!


Do not leave any money or valuables behind at the accommodation. The owner is not responsible for missing or theft of these items.


06. At the parking lot there is a garbage container. Please throw your, knotted, garbage bags in here. The YELLOW container is for glassware. There a special garbage bags for plastic and cans which can be found at the accommodation or the reception. Paper and plastic can be placed in the appropriate box next to apartment 6.


07. Please do not flush any leftover food, oil, grease, etc. through the kitchen sink or toilet! Oil/greases or leftover food can be thrown into the water for the birds and fish to eat. If you do not wish to feed the fish or birds, then please throw the leftovers in the garbage bag.

It is not allowed to clean fish in the accommodations! The owner can show direct you to an area where you can clean your fish.

If you would like to feed the birds, think about the time of day that you do this. Please make sure that when it gets dark outside there is no more food on the ground, so that we avoid any bugs.


From Monday – Saturday, between 10:00 and 13:00, the accommodation will be checked and you will receive clean towels if necessary. If there has been no cleaning, or if you need anything, you can always ask for it at the reception. On Sundays there is no check and no change of towels, but if you need anything you can visit the reception from 9:00-13:00.

If there is an extra change of sheets necessary, this will be €12,50.


Did you bring your bicycle or would you like to rent a bicycle? Get informed about this at the reception. It is possible to stall the bike at the bicycle parking.


The owner must be notified about any visitors. Costs per part of the day are €2,50 and per day it is €5,00.


If you would like to do the laundry, visit the reception to ask about this. It is not allowed to do laundry between 20:00 and 8:00.


Pets need to be lead. Costs per pet are at least €12,50 and when you stay for a longer period of time the costs will be €2,50 per day. You are not allowed to leave the pets alone in the accommodation while you are gone for the day. If you would like to leave the pet alone at the accommodation, visit the reception to ask about the possibilities.


On the day of departure you have to leave the accommodation before 11:00. The covers need to be taken of the beds, the bins need to be emptied and the dishes have to be in the cupboards, dry. If you would like to vacuum your accommodation, there is a vacuum cleaner in the closet next to apartment 5.


During departure you check the accommodation, so you do not leave anything behind.


When you bring the key back to the owner, the owner is allowed to go and check the accommodation that you have stayed in. If you have not followed rule number 13 the owner can charge you €25,00 of extra cleaning costs.


The reception is opened from 9:00 – 20:00. If there is no one present at the reception you can use the intercom or call to 0031 – (6)52 025 555. If the reception is closed please only call in case of an emergency or when there is disturbance!


As a guest from VVP Verhuur/Visserslust it is expected that you behave correctly, so all the guests can have an enjoyable stay. This means that:

  • The public areas on the property are used carefully and hygienic (coffee corner, machine, scaffolding, parking lot, etc.) and that there is no running on the scaffolding, this can be very dangerous.
  • Pets are lead. Your pet may behave perfectly without being led, but that does not mean that everyone’s pet has such great behaviour.
  • The big grey garbage container is only used for household waste.
  • Access- and arterial roads are kept accessible.
  • Responsibility is taken for your own behaviour and the behaviour of any of your visitors.
  • It is getting quite by 20:00, and it is fully quite by 22:00.

    We wish you a very pleasant stay, and please let us know if you have any remark on your accommodation. We are happy to help!

    Team VVP Verhuur/Visserslust