Vinkeveen: an active or relaxing stay, always a pleasure

VVP Verhuur/Visserslust is the right place if you want to spend your holiday in the village of Vinkeveen. Vinkeveen’s beautiful surroundings can be enjoyed in relaxation or you could choose to be more active and go for a swim, dive, hike bikeride or boattrip. Our favourable, central location between big cities such as Amsterdam, Utrecht and Hilversum makes VVP Verhuur/Visserlslust an ideal base for visits to other parts of the Netherlands, both for pleasure and work. The nearest supermarkets and shops can be found in the village at a distance of approximately 3 kilometres.


We have several accommodations on offer. These include one-bedroom apartmentschalets and a houseboat. Additionally, the former Cafe/Restaurant Visserslust was completely renovated in 2014 and has been turned into a breakfast area and three spacious accommodations. On the ground floor we have a wheelchair-friendly studio, suitable for up to four people. We also have another studio on the ground floor in Visserslust, suitable for up to 7 people. On the first floor we have our largest accommodation; a studio suitable for up to 9 people. For more information on our accommodations you can click on the corresponding links.


You can opt for breakfast when you are staying with us for €8,50 per person. You can indicate this when you make your reservation or tell us at the reception (before 18.00) if would like to have breakfast the next morning. Breakfast is served in the Visserslust building. We can also provide you with lunch packages for €7,50 per person, which you can also request when you make your reservation or at the reception.

At the Visserslust building we also have two vending machines, one for hot beverages and one for snacks and refreshments.  

There are several restaurants located in Vinkeveen. These include Restaurant de Plashoeve (within walking-distance), de Viersprong (within walking-distance), s’Anders, Lust! (located on one of the public islets) and pancakerestaurant het Voordek. We can give you more information about places to eat during check-in. The information folder in your accommodation also includes several brochures with information about food that you can order. If you need help with translation, we are happy to help you at the reception.


We have our own small harbour where we also have our boat rental. It is possible to rent boats in combination with your accommodation. If you would like to know more about this possibility, please send us an email or phone us.


The Vinkeveense Plassen (the lake) has several public islets, which are popular go-to places in summer. Islets 4 and 5 (also known by locals as “Klinkhamer”) are across the road from our reception and accessible by foot. These islets lend themselves perfectly to a stroll, a picnic or a swim; there are small beaches and some playgrounds for children.

Islets 1 and 2 are also accessible by foot. You could walk, drive or cycle to the parking lot and then access the islets by crossing a bridge. On these islets you will also find small beaches and playgrounds, as well as restaurant/beachclub Lust!. On these islets (as opposed to islets 4 and 5) you are also allowed to walk your dog (on the leash).

The other islets are accessible by boat.