Rent a boat

We have 5 boats for rent: 2 Askeladds (see picture) and 1 Askeladd with the possibility of a roof; with a full sun, you'll have shadow and when you are fishing, you can sit out of the wind. We also have an Askeladden with a steering wheel and cushions for the seats.

These boats are great for sailing or fishing. You can also moor at one of the many islets in the Vinkeveense Plassen where you can have a lovely swim or just enjoy the sun.

Also we offer for the luxurious-minded sailor a beautiful 7/8 person motor sloop.

The tariffs for the boats are:

3 Other boats

  • per hour € 20,00
  • per day € 67,50 (9.00 uur - 18.00 uur)

This price is included one full tank

2 Boats with steering wheel

  • per hour € 30,00
  • per day € 120,00 (9.00 uur - 18.00 uur)

This price is included one full tank

2 7-person sloop

  • per hour€ 50,00
  • per day € 190,00 (9.00 uur - 18.00 uur)

This price is included one full tank. Connection for an electric cool box 12 Volt

The boatprices of 2015:
  Per day: Per hour:
Other boats € 67,50 € 20,00
7-person sloop € 190,00 € 50,00
Boat with steering wheel € 120,00 € 30,00

To hire a boat you need to hand over proper identification (such as Driver's license, Passport etc..).When the boat is returned, we will return your i.d.. The boat is also rentable for longer periods of time. (for a deposit of 50 E) or in combination with a studio.

If you would like to enjoy the Vinkeveense Plassen at night, you can also hire a boat. The price per hour is applicable. If you are interested in hiring a boat between 18:00-22:30 for example the day price is applicable. Also, if desired, we can help you in obtaining a fishing permit.

You can park your car in our parking lot behind the bar, this is included the rental price of a boat.