Boat rentals

VVP Verhuur/Visserslust

To explore the Vinkeveense Plassen and the beautiful surroundings. To go fishing, swimming and sunbathing at one of the many islands or to just have a lovely day at the water. At VVP Verhuur/Visserslust it is possible to rent a boat and do all of the above.

You can use a rented boat from 9 a.m. and it must be returned at 6 p.m. At 6 p.m. the boat must be back on shore and returned as you received it. Otherwise the owner may charge € 20.00 for cleaning. If the boat is not returned by 6 p.m., you will be charged half the daily rate. The boat may not leave the Vinkeveense Plassen without permission from VVP Verhuur/Visserslust. You will receive a signed receipt for this from the owner for the lock keeper.


We always try to provide our guests with a parking space, however due to renovations this will not always be possible. If there is parking space available alongside the road or at islands 4/5, we kindly ask you to park there.


We ask that you use the carpool parking near the A2 if you arrive with more than 1 car. You can park one (or more) car(s) there and drive 1 car over to us.



The following boats are available:

Due to rising petrol prices we are unfortunately forced to increase the day and hour prices of our boats. 

The tables below show the current prices of our boats. These may differ from the prices on our price list.


9:00 - 18:00 h
minimal 2 h
From April 1st till September 15th
Boat 4/5 HPdetails € 80,00 € 27,50
Boat with steering wheeldetails € 132,50 € 37,50
Sloopdetails € 207,50 € 57,50
From september 16th till April 1st
Boat 4/5 HP € 75,00 € 27,50
Boat with steering wheel € 127,50 € 37,50

From May 15th till september 15th
Boat 4/5 HPdetails € 385,00 € 197,50 € 145,00
Boat with steering wheeldetails € 710,00 € 365,00 € 245,00
Sloopdetails € 1050,00 € 547,50 € 390,00
From september 16th till may 14th
Boat 4/5 HP € 297,50 € 187,50 € 135,00
Boat with steering wheel € 519,00 € 319,00 € 219,00

If the boat is brought back to us untidy or really filthy an amount of € 20,00, for the cleaning of the boat, will be added to the price of the rental of the boat. When a dog is brought along on the boat there will be an extra €10,00 added to the price for cleaning.


The boat rental is currently only possible by reservation. If you would like to make a reservation, please send us an email or give us a call at 0031 (0)6 83992771. On sunny and warm days it is better to call us, then we can help you immediately. If you make a reservation for a boat, we will ask you some questions beforehand.

Because of the coronavirus our toilet is closed. On the islands 4 and 5 (across the road) you can use the public toilets.


During the high season we make sure our boats are ready for rental every morning. During the pre-, after- or low season this is not the case. Some of our boats are put away for the winter.


Checking with us, by a phone call, is something we recommend to our guests so that the boat will be ready when you would like to go out on the water.


A licence to go fishing at the Vinkeveense Plassen, for the duration of a day – week – year, can be bought at VVP Verhuur/Visserslust as well.

Special Offer

For the guests that would like to go fishing, in both the high- and low season we have a special offer for the rental of a boat in combination with an overnight stay at one of our accommodations. We would like to tell you more about this during your reservation.

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