An active or relaxing holiday, always a pleasure

Longing for a (fishing) trip in Vinkeveen? Come and visit VVP Verhuur/Visserslust, the place to be for a nice and peaceful stay at and around the Vinkeveense Plassen. Calmly enjoy the nature and surroundings, visit the big, nearby, cities or go diving or swimming. Vinkeveen is also the perfect place to go for a walk or go on a cycle adventure.
Central at the Green Heart of Holland

We are centrally located in the Green Heart of Holland, right in between the provinces Utrecht, North-Holland and South-Holland. This makes VVP Verhuur/Visserslust the perfect place in between all of this for a visit to cities such as Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hilversum, Aalsmeer and Amstelveen. There are also a lot of nice smaller villages and places to visit at and around Vinkeveen.

For your overnight stay you can pick one of our accommodations. Guests can choose between a Chalet, Wheelchair friendly Houseboat or several apartments variating between a 1-2 persons studio to a multiple-room apartment for a maximum of nine people. Including a wheelchair friendly studio.

You can stay with us for the time period of a weekend, a midweek, a week or longer. We normally only take reservations starting from a two night stay, but on request it is possible to stay with us for just one night. For more information about this you can send us an e-mail or give us a call. The rates can be found on our price list page.

Business Guests

On a business trip at or around Vinkeveen? Even then VVP Verhuur/Visserslust is the perfect place for you. Our accommodations are great for either a short or a long stay.

Businesses that are looking for a place to stay for their employees are very welcome. 


At Visserslust we have two group accommodations in which we can household seven or nine people and also a wheelchair friendly studio. There is WiFi at all of the accommodations at VVP Verhuur/Visserslust.


Boat rental

At our small marina you can either rent a boat, or place your own boat for the duration of your stay or for a longer period of time. Go out on the Vinkeveense Plassen with a boat to explore the real beauty of Vinkeveen or go on a fishing trip.

Call or Email Us
Please feel free to contact us by email or by calling 0031 (0)6-52 02 55 55 with your comments, questions, concerns, or to inquire about our accommodations and services.

Accommodations Vinkeveense Plassen

Breakfast is available during your stay at VVP Verhuur/Visserslust. It can be served to your own apartment, chalet or houseboat. If there’re enough participants it can also be served in the breakfast room. 

Small marina with boat rentals

VVP Verhuur/Visserslust, a small scale marina complex, is located at Baambrugse Zuwe in Vinkeveen and in the middle of the Vinkeveense Plassen. The Baambrugse Zuwe devides the North- and South part of the Vinkeveense Plassen, which are also called the Big and Middle Plassen. There is a Small Plas as well, this part of the Vinkeveense Plassen can be reached via the South Plas.

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