For many sports and recreational fishermen every time a unique experience. It is the favorite place for many people because it is an excellent fishing area with VVP rent in ideal location. Common fish species are regularly caught carp, perch, pike,roach and eel. The fish in the pictures on the right are all caught in the Vinkeveense Plassen

Vinkeveense Plassen consists of three lakes and a polder. With strong Northwind you find good fishing holes in the draw or the Zuidplas or small puddle. With a strong South or Southwest Wind allows you to fish better again visit the North Lake. In the polder is always good for fishing.

 INFORMATION ON FISHING Vinkeveense Plassen.

If you want to fish in Vinkeveense Plassen it is nice to know that our accommodations are all located directly on or near the Vinkeveense Plassen. In our small marina is on the outside terrace of six-and-a-half to three feet where you can. Fished from You can also contact your accommodation from the terrace a rod or throw out at the marina.

From 15 September to 15 May, we have nice discounts on our boats together with our accommodation. Instance, in addition to fish in Vinkeveense Plassen not just hire a boat for a day outing, alone or with several fishermen also can combine with a property in pre-, post-and / or high season books. Additionally, you can bring your own boat and accept the rented accommodation. We have special rates for these berths:
Weekend Price          € 15.00
Midweek Price           € 22.50
Weekly Price              € 40.00
With every boat you rent from us you will receive a map of Vinkeveense Plassen with necessary explanations so that you have a good overview of the nature and water sports area.
For fishing on the Vinkeveense Plassen you need a purmet of the  De Goede Vangst

If you are not a member of the Amsterdam or Weesper Fishing Association, you can purchase a license from us. You can choose from both day-and week license. One week permit costs € 15.00 and a day license costs € 4,00 (the Vispas you do not need).
Meanwhile, the sale AWHB us made the annual permits. The year licenses for 2016 are available with us. Would you like to pick up, please contact us so that we are present. Do you want to night fish Vinkeveense Plassen please contact us or inquire directly at the AWHB.
And in our apartments, chalets and houseboat is not allowed to clean fish. The anglers to catch swim again. Would you still take your catch, you ask us then you can make. Fish cleaning
Then you've come to the right place VVP rental. We have something for every budget. Below is a list of accommodations and how far they are located from the water:

Apartment garden side

Max. 2 people
Located approximately 40 meters from our marina.

Apartment with terrace on the water

Max. 3 people
Located directly on the water.

Apartment with panoramic views
Max. 4 people
Located on the 1st floor with stunning views over Vinkeveense Plassen. Stairs and you're in the water.

The Chalet Jutter 5 people

The Skuumkoppe 4 people with terrace and garden located right on the water separated by a fence. For this is a path where you can fish.

Houseboat Elck syn sin (wheelchair friendly) 

Before-after-season and four persons
Season 6 persons
The houseboat has a separate garden and terrace located on the Vinkeveense Plassen by a fence of water. Meanwhile, there is also a dock / deck into the water. Like the chalets runs for the gate a path where you can sit down to fish.

Visserslust from 1 till 9 persons