boat rental

Boat 4/5HP

House rules

It is lovely to go fishing or sightseeing on the Vinkeveense Plassen, or visit one of the many islands, with this open boat. The boat can fit 1 – 5 people (4 adults and 1 child for example). 


Before you go out on the water, you will receive information about the boat, routes and the best places during your day on the water. 


There is also the possibility to add a richly filled picnic basket to the rental of the boat. This can be a small and simple, or a more luxurious basket.

The boat comes with one fully filled fuel tank.

Due to the rising petrol prices, we are unfortunately forced to increase the daily and hourly price of our boats, dated 17-03-2022. Call or email us to inquire about current rates. We hope for your understanding!


Day Price
9:00 - 18:00 h
Hourly rate
minimal 2 h
April 1st – September 15th
Boat 4/5HP € 72,50 € 25,00
September 16th – April 1st
Boat 4/5HP € 67,50 € 25,00

01Boat with steering wheel for 5 persons


02Sloop for 7 persons