Vinkeveen active or relaxing holiday, always a pleasure

VVP Verhuur is the right place for a holiday in Vinkeveen. You can be active by choosing diving, swimming etc. You can also enjoy nature and the beautiful surroundings. There are many cycling and walking routes. Then there is of course the delicious tranquility of Vinkeveenseplassen. With its central location use between big cities as Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hilversum and Aalsmeer you can VVP hire as a base to make several visits in the Netherlands, for pleasure or work. At approximately 3 km away is the nearest supermarket and shops.

We offer many options for your holiday in Vinkeveen. So you can opt for one-bedroom apartments, chalets or a houseboat, in 2014 the former Café Restaurant Visserslust totally renovated. It is now divided into three spacious accommodation for 1 to 9 people where you can stay with family or friends. Visserslust is also ideal if you want to store a number of employees.

Breakfast € 8,50 per person and also we offer lunch packages for € 7,50 per person, or the previous day before 18:00 reservation. 
Within walking distance (250/500 meters) are situated Restaurant de Plashoeve and Viersprong.


We have a port with its own boat rental. Our apartments with a garden side water side and panoramic view as well as our houseboat (wheelchair) are at the middle or Zuidplas. The apartments Visserslust are a short distance from the Zuidplas and Noordplas. On the other side of our apartment, location Riveter, we are two chalets on the Noordplas. All our accommodations are heated by means of heating so that your holiday in Vinkeveen always occurs comfortable.


Visserslust is open for breakfast a cup of coffee with apple pie, a sandwich and a drink or ice cream. Visserslust A vending machine with soft drinks and snacks, and coffee / tea machine. VVP lunch for € 7.50.


On the other side of VVP hire are the sand islands 4 and 5. These are accessible from the road and called in the vernacular Riveter. On the islands you can recreate well and there are several diving and swimming spots. Would you like during your stay in Vinkeveen visit the other islands of sand, explore Vinkeveenseplassen or go fishing off the dock ?. When VVP hire you hire the right place for a boat on the lakes of Vinkeveen. In short, for a delicious fish, cycling or hiking in the beautiful surroundings of the Green Heart starting at VVP Verhuur